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Kushida explains why the match with Kyle O’Reilly meant so much to him

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The main event of this week’s episode of NXT was a singles match between Kushida and Kyle O’Reilly. It was a great match, as you’d expect from these two wrestlers, with O’Reilly coming out on top.

In the aftermath, Kushida posted the following message on Twitter to explain why this match meant so much to him:

“In 2017, around this time, I was considering retirement after every match. I was concerned about my mental and physical health after every match. I wrestled back and forth between Japan and the United States twice a month.

During that time, I sometimes suffered from severe abdominal pain after matches. I crouched on the floor with a cold sweat and had no choice but to wait for the pain to pass. I had to insert a gastro camera down my throat at the hospital to examine my stomach. But the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. The doctor’s diagnosis was that my autonomic nerves must have been disturbed. My level of this abdominal pain wasn’t normal. And, if it continued, I couldn’t wrestle anymore. I knew it wasn’t an exaggeration. And I knew that my wrestling career could be over at any time.

I had a match with Kyle O’Reilly at that time. It was four years ago in London. At that point, it was rumoured that Kyle O’Reilly would soon sign a contract with WWE. After our match, I talked to him directly. He told me his honest intentions. At that time, I thought it would be great to have a match against him in the WWE some day. I knew my professional wrestling life wouldn’t last forever.

So Yesterday was special. WWE/NXT universe! Thank you for watching.

Our fight will go on forever.”

O’Reilly responded with gratitude:

“Let us fight forever and it will still always be special. We will push each other competitively into being the best version of ourselves. Thank-you for making me a better fighter throughout the years.”

Do you want to see Kushida and O’Reilly fight forever?