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This is why you don’t mess with Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe was released by WWE two months ago, but he’s already back as William Regal’s chief enforcer in NXT. We don’t know if Joe is cleared to wrestle or not, but he’s already been set up for no less than three intriguing potential matches.

That brings me to WWE’s latest Top 10 video, which is Samoa Joe’s most badass moments under the WWE umbrella of shows:

10. Ambushes Seth Rollins
9. Stomps Kofi Kingston’s hand
8. Takes out Adam Cole
7. Attacks Paul Heyman
6. Defeats Rey Mysterio quickly
5. Pins The Demon
4. Slams Brock Lesnar through a table
3. Puts AJ Styles to sleep
2. Slams Shinsuke Nakamura onto the steps
1. Brawls with Brock Lesnar

That Joe’s Great Balls of Fire feud with Brock Lesnar takes up 30% of the list is a reminder that WWE could have squeezed out so much more from Joe on the main roster.

Let us know in the comments below which badass moments from Joe stand out to you.