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Alexa Bliss and Shayna Baszler sound quite happy doing the voodoo Lilly stuff

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Legit badass shoot fighter Shayna Baszler is currently in the middle of a WWE storyline where she is afraid of a stupid little doll that somehow communicates with Alexa Bliss.

The storyline has understandably been a source of ridicule and face-palming for many pro wrestling fans, but it sounds like the performers involved are quite happy with how it’s playing out.

First here is Bliss saying as much on Twitter:

Then there’s Baszler, who told Sports Illustrated that the angle allows her to show off her range and add more skills to her repertoire:

“I need to show that I can be counted on to nail whatever it is I’m being asked to do. It’s easy to be a badass tyrant like I was in NXT. I can totally fit that role. After establishing myself as that, it’s important to show I can cover a wide range of what professional wrestling is today.

It’s like music. Some people like country, some like heavy metal. Not everything is for everyone, so I understand why some people roll their eyes when I do comedy. But I’m established as what I am. All it takes is one sentence from a promo delivered properly. I am a legitimate badass; that’s always there for me. I’m glad I can be on Raw and show a wider range.”

“I’m putting more tools in my toolbox. I worked for years to build this legitimacy. I walk through the curtain, and you know I can ruin someone. I won’t let people forget that.”

That’s cool that Baszler sees the Lilly story as an opportunity to show off her range, and it’s true that she should try her best to execute whatever WWE asks of her.

The main lingering question, for me at least, is why would WWE ask her to do this nonsense? I’m not as confident as Baszler is that she can just return to being a badass killer with a snap of her fingers. She is one of the easiest wrestlers to pin with roll ups in WWE, and now she is afraid of a doll. I’m not sure there is any going back without long-term rehab for her character.

What do you think about Bliss and Baszler’s outlook on their current supernatural storyline on Raw?