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Tony Khan says Double or Nothing was once again better than WrestleMania

AEW President Tony Khan didn’t hold back last year when he said that his Double or Nothing 2020 pay-per-view ‘kicked the crap’ out of WrestleMania 36.

I guess this is going to be an annual thing, because during an interview on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast, Tony decided to compare the 2021 iteration of both events.

The hosts did not ask him to make this comparison. The conversation began with the hosts saying most of the good wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) names are already taken. Khan then talked about how much he loves all four of his PPV names (Revolution, Double or Nothing, All Out, Full Gear). The hosts said those names were okay but don’t come close to a name like WrestleMania. That’s when Tony got defensive and volunteered the following:

“Double or Nothing, last year and this year, in my opinion, was a better show [than WrestleMania]. And I liked this year’s WrestleMania a lot better than last year’s, ‘cause they had some fans this year and everyone there worked their ass off both years. This year...they did a two night show and it was a good show. I thought Double or Nothing this year was outstanding, and it was the best wrestling show of the year so far. And last year, Double or Nothing in the pandemic, it kicked the shit out of WrestleMania last year. The pandemic version last year? Not even close. Double or Nothing, much better show.”

Fair enough, Tony. There’s nothing wrong with holding that opinion.

But the name “WrestleMania still kicks the shit out of all four of your PPV names, and that’s what the conversation was originally about.

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