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Franky Monet ‘fought really hard’ to keep using her old ring name before it was changed by WWE

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Franky Monet arrived in NXT a couple months ago. Plenty of wrestling fans who knew her as Taya Valkyrie from her work in Impact and Lucha Underground were not happy with the name change. She responded to the criticism by saying that she chose the new name herself, and that she’s so good she can get any ridiculous name to work, if necessary.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Monet said she wanted to keep using her old ring name in WWE, but it wasn’t meant to be:

“I fought really hard for Taya, but sometimes, it’s time to evolve, and change and kind of make this new chapter in my career, and I feel like this was the time for it. It was a little bit sad at first because I felt like she died, but she’s always a part of me. Franky is an evolution of Taya, definitely. Anybody who knows my career knows that this is just a natural transition into Franky Monet.”

She then explained how Franky Monet is different from Taya Valkyrie:

“She’s just so much more extra than Taya. Now she has a Presley with her. Come on, it’s great. My dog gets to come to work with me every day, and he’s been doing an excellent job. He’s just the crowd favorite. To be fair, he’s probably stealing all the scenes from me. She’s just that much more intense and that much more crazy, and we haven’t even gotten to see any of that yet.”

How are you enjoying Franky Monet so far in NXT?