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CM Punk wants to be paid royalties from Peacock

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During a Q&A with fans on Twitter, CM Punk was asked what it would take to appear on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, which can be seen on WWE Network and Peacock. Punk’s response was pretty simple: money. He followed that up by mentioning that none of the wrestlers get royalties from anything shown on Peacock:

This isn’t the first time Punk has raised the issue of compensation with regards to WWE’s streaming content. During his tell-all interview on why he walked away from WWE in early 2014, Punk said that nobody in WWE bothered to explain how the wrestlers’ pay would be affected by the launch of WWE Network. Most of the wrestlers were simply left in the dark about compensation, and Vince McMahon apparently laughed at him when he brought it up.

With all that said, it sounds like Punk might be willing to do Austin’s podcast if the money is there. Do you think Vince McMahon will ever give the okay for Austin to interview Punk on Peacock, the same way that AEW star Chris Jericho walked through that Forbidden Door in April?