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Toni Storm comes out as bisexual on the NXT Instagram account

As she revealed initially on the WWE NXT Instagram account via its stories feature and as shared here by the NXT Twitter:

“So, when it was announced that I would be taking over the Instagram for Pride month, I noticed a lot of people were like ‘Toni, are you just an ally? Are you in the community? What’s going on over here?’ Well, I guess now’s the time to say it — both. I am an ally and I can’t exactly say that I’m straight. I’m bi, and it feels good to say. It’s something I’ve been really comfortable with for a long time, I just never really expressed it. I don’t know, I just never really found the right time. It’s Pride month and I’m on your Instagram so… now’s a good time I guess.”

It’s a great thing when anyone feels good enough to live their truth. It’s also great that WWE/NXT is publicly showing support for it. Let’s hope the community continues to make her, and anyone else struggling with doing the same, comfortable enough to do just that.

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