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Jaxson Ryker gives the worst advice

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For some inexplicable reason, Mansoor was walking around backstage on Raw last night seeking advice from Jaxson Ryker, the worst babyface on the WWE roster. As Mansoor approached, Ryker was striking himself with a strap. This is the advice he then issued to the Raw rookie:

“Never let your enemy escape. ‘Cause you see, more often than not, those closest to you are wolves in sheep’s clothing. So when you learn who your enemy is, never let them escape.”

If I’m processing this correctly, Ryker seems to believe that most of your friends are actually your enemies, and the best course of action is to hold them captive.

This is why you shouldn’t follow advice from a disturbed man who is hitting himself with a strap for no apparent reason, and has a history of saying dumb and bad things.

Thankfully Mustafa Ali happened to be standing right there. He pointed out the obvious fact that Mansoor was asking the wrong people for advice. The former leader of RETRIBUTION then offered his own words of wisdom for Mansoor to follow:

“If you can’t even get the opportunity to climb the ladder of success, then you have to build your own ladder.”

I guess we’ll find out next week on Raw which choice Mansoor makes between building ladders and kidnapping people. It’s not a very difficult choice, because Jaxson Ryker gives the worst advice.