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Nikki Cross talks about superpowers while explaining the benefits of her new look

Nikki Cross debuted a new look on last night’s (June 21) Raw. She was dressed like a superhero, which naturally had fans bringing up comparisons to Mighty Molly.

Cross later appeared on Raw Talk and explained that while of course she doesn’t have superpowers, the new costume provides her a newfound confidence that makes her feel like she can do anything in WWE:

“I know I don’t have superpowers. Okay? I know I can’t fly. I know I don’t have super strength. But the thing is, when I put on this cape, when I put on this mask... when I put on this outfit, I feel like I can try anything. And you know what? I may fail, and I may fall down, but here’s the thing. I’m gonna keep trying, and I’m gonna keep getting back up, because I have to believe in myself. Because all anyone can ever do is believe in themselves. And that’s just what I want to share with our audience.”

I didn’t really know how to feel about this gimmick at first, but Nikki Cross is just so charismatic, engaging, and easy to root for that she immediately sold me on her new look with just this one interview.

How do you feel about Nikki’s new gimmick on Raw?