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It sounds like WWE might break up Karrion Kross and Scarlett on the main roster

There were reports last week about NXT champions Karrion Kross and Bronson Reed wrestling dark matches prior to SmackDown so that WWE officials can evaluate them with a first-hand look. The idea is that WWE wants to shake things up on the main roster for the upcoming draft, and so they are figuring out which NXT wrestlers to call up to Raw and SmackDown.

The latest update to this story is that Kross and Reed both wrestled on last night’s Main Event tapings that took place prior to Raw. Main Event airs Thursdays on Peacock and is generally where lower card talent like Drew Gulak or Mustafa Ali end up when creative has nothing for them on Raw.

The most interesting wrinkle here is that Scarlett did not accompany Kross to the ring for his match. Here are Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussing the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio:

Alvarez: Apparently Kross was out there without Scarlett.

Meltzer: No Scarlett.

Alvarez: And she, I guess will be getting a...I don’t know why she needs a tryout, she’s on NXT. They could just watch the show, but I guess she’ll be doing something Friday.

Meltzer: Well they want the writers to see them live. They’re just testing Kross without her, and her without him...I wouldn’t break up the act. But they are certainly...doing this to consider breaking up the act. I don’t know if they will in the end.

It sounds like Scarlett will be getting a separate tryout before this Friday’s episode of SmackDown, so that’s what Alvarez is referring to above.

Splitting up Kross and Scarlett in kayfabe sounds like a very bad idea to me, so I don’t see the point of even exploring this route. There’s also the fact that Kross and Scarlett are in a relationship outside of kayfabe, so that’s another obvious reason to keep them together on-screen.

Is wrestling on Main Event and possibly being separated from Scarlett what you had in mind for Karrion Kross on the WWE main roster?

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