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Piper Niven is now Doudrop

The rumors and reports have been proven accurate.

The artist formerly known as Piper Niven from NXT UK is now a full time member of the Monday Night Raw roster, working as Eva Marie’s protege. But she’s got a new name. That name, as the rumors and reports indicated, is Doudrop.

Yes, it’s awful.

That’s by design, as we found out on Monday Night Raw this week.

When the two were interviewed backstage prior to a tag team Money in the Bank qualifying match and were asked for a name, it was quite clear Marie’s new protege was going to say “Piper Niven.” Instead, Eva stopped her, looked her up and down, and decided to call her Doudrop.

She hates it just as much as you do:

Which makes it clear this is about getting heat on Eva. If you’re nervous about where this could go, well, you have every right to be considering how WWE has handled things in the past. But Eva is a heat magnet and, ahem, Doudrop could come out of this much better off.

We shall see.