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Brock Lesnar fears Bobby Lashley, according to MVP

Pro wrestling fans have been waiting for years to see Bobby Lashley compete in the squared circle against Brock Lesnar. With Lashley reigning as the WWE champion for the majority of 2021, it feels like it is now or never for this dream match.

Lashley clearly wants the match, so the fact that it hasn’t happened is because either Brock Lesnar or WWE decision-makers have not been interested in booking it.

With all that said, leave it to MVP to fan the flames for a future potential clash between Lashley and Lesnar:

In addition to working the Lesnar angle, MVP also didn’t hesitate to let fans know that he thinks their criticism of the roll-up finish in the Hell in a Cell main event is without merit:

While MVP is correct that a wrestler ending a wrestling match with a wrestling move is hardly the worst thing in the world, I think it makes sense for fans to be disappointed about there being so much interference and then a roll-up finish in the Hell in a Cell main event. Hell in a Cell matches are supposed to be brutally violent affairs that are the culmination of a long-term feud, so it’s understandable that ending one with a whimper is a letdown.

It would be like if the World Series was decided on a balk. Yeah, balks are a thing that happen in baseball. But they just aren’t all that exciting; you ideally want the most important games of the year to be decided with big plays, big hits, and big moments.

It’s pretty much the same thing with a main event Hell in a Cell match for the WWE championship. Yeah, roll-ups are a thing that can happen in wrestling, but it’s totally rational for fans to want a more exciting finish in a match of that magnitude.

Do you think MVP’s comment on Lesnar is a sign that a match is in the works between Brock and Bob? Let us know in the comments below how excited you would be for that dream match to end in a roll up.

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