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Why is there a creepy hand under the ring reaching for Drew McIntyre?!

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A lot of people are talking about last night’s (June 20) WWE championship main event Hell in a Cell match ending with a roll up. That’s all well and good. But to me, the biggest story coming out of the match between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre is clearly this super creepy hand hiding under the ring:

WWE appears to be going for another ThunderDome camera trick here, because we don’t actually see the floor impact on Drew’s table bump. With a super creepy hand frantically rummaging around in the rubble of the table shortly after Drew is tossed through it, many fans assume that means there was a crash pad there being dragged under the ring.

But you know what they say in wrestling: 99% of what you see on camera is part of kayfabe. There’s part of me that wants to believe so badly that there is a storyline explanation for why there is a creepy hand under the ring grabbing wood and reaching towards Drew McIntyre. What kind of sick trick did MVP have in store for Drew on this one? Or is that Hornswoggle under there? What about Mae Young and Mark Henry’s child?

If you will indulge me, Cagesiders, can you give me a plausible kayfabe explanation for why there was a creepy hand under the ring in the main event of Hell in a Cell?