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Ruby Riott might just have a new ring name

Shortly after she was released by WWE this month, Ruby Riott admitted that she doesn’t know what ring name she will use going forward.

There might be some clarity coming to that situation. During an interview on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Ruby first explained why she doesn’t want to go back to using her pre-WWE name of Heidi Lovelace:

“A lot of people think that I’m going back to Heidi Lovelace. Now, there’s a multitude of reasons why I do not want to do that. I was not a fan of that was given to me by the people who trained me in the backyard. Legitimately they were watching Raw one time and a commercial for The Hills came on, and they were like, ‘Oh Heidi, that’s a name,’ and they gave it to me. And then, nobody ever pronounced Lovelace why come up with a wrestling name that people can’t pronounce? That’s terrible. That’s a terrible idea. A lot of people thought I was gonna go back to it. I have no intention of going back to Heidi Lovelace. So, I am obviously shopping for a new name...”

That’s when Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen asked her if she wants to keep the name Ruby. It turns out that’s exactly what she hopes to do:

Ruby: “I would like to [keep the name Ruby] if it’s possible. I feel like it fits me. Ruby came from Ruby Soho, and so I hold that very dear to my heart.”

Lars: “Okay well that was gonna be one of my suggestions. Why not just do Ruby Soho? I got a couple guys I know who can clear the music for you.”

Ruby: “Stop! You can’t say that to me and have me not lose my mind right now!”

Lars: “Well, I swear to god...I can get on a group text right now and get you cleared in about ten minutes.”

Ruby: “...Oh my god! Yes!”

Does this new ring name sound like a good idea to you, Cagesiders?

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