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Nobody wanted to watch Raw on Memorial Day (Updated)

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UPDATE: The viewership numbers for Raw’s third hour were actually much better than originally reported.

May 31 was Memorial Day here in the United States. The day to honor members of our military who died fighting for the country is also the unofficial start of summer, and this year’s was the first holiday since widespread COVID vaccinations had been administered, and pandemic lockdowns eased or lifted.

So WWE knew the numbers for this week’s Raw were going to suffer. But they have to be searching for answers for why they suffered the way PWTorch is reporting they did.

The overall rating (which isn’t a number I’m used to looking at, but we’re all getting used to the post-Showbuzz Daily world) was 1.1, which Wade Keller says is “an all-time record low”. It’s also down from last week’s 1.2, and May 17’s 1.35 rating.

Key demos were a little better. The 18 - 49 year old number was .44 - only down slightly from .45 last week. Among males in that age group, the number was unchanged (.57) and the 18 - 34 year old male rating of .34 was actually above the .32 they’ve averaged in that demo over the past month.

Viewership is were it gets... weird. The show averaged an audience of 1.42 million across its runtime. And check out that third hour plunge.

  • Hour one: 1,536,000
  • Hour two: 1,549,000
  • Hour three: 1,168,000

Keller says the 10 p.m. ET audience is the second smallest in Raw history. It opened with the Raw Tag title match, proceeded to Alexa’s Playground, and closed with the Kofi Kingston/Drew McIntyre #1 contender’s match.

Were people not into those segments? Just tired from a day of picnicking? Really interested in the Jazz/Grizzlies game?

Let us know what you think, and place your bets on how long this will go come Labor Day.

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