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Lana, Buddy Murphy & Santana Garrett comment on their WWE releases

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We’ve already heard from Braun Strowman & Aleister Black (and we’ll have more comments from Black here shortly). Three of the other talents who were released by WWE on June 1 have now offered their initial thoughts on the news.

Nothing in depth from Lana, Buddy Murphy, or Santana Garret. In fact, these tweets all follow the same pattern as Strowman & Black’s, expressing gratitude for their time at the company, the work they got to do there, and the people they got to do it with.

The only different wrinkle for this trio is Murphy adds in a vow to rise again outside of WWE (not that the other five don’t plan to do the same, the Aussie is just the only one to include it in his “thank you” tweet).

Join us in returning the gratitude to Lana, Murphy & Garrett for entertaining us however much they could during their time at The ‘E. We’ll let you know what they get up to next.