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Bayley leads a chorus of praise for Ruby Riott after her WWE release

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Her friend and tag partner Liv Morgan already offered a spot on assessment of the wrestling world after WWE released Ruby Riott (whose real name is Dori Prange, and who will now presumably return wrestling as Heidi Lovelace).

The leader of the women’s locker room followed up with more great stories that explain why Riott was reportedly so important to her colleagues at WWE. And Bayley’s tweet led to more tweets praising the 30 year old Midwesterner.

It’s not just WWE, either. Lovelace is well loved all around the industry:

Heidi is the only one of the six wrestlers released today (June 2) who has yet to comment on the move. She’s probably processing all the support she’s getting.

We’ll keep you posted on that, and on where she takes her first booking. By all accounts, it certainly seems like she’ll have her choice of landing spots once her 90 day non-compete is up.