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Braun Strowman has a good outlook on his WWE release

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Braun Strowman’s never been my favorite wrestler. I don’t love him as much as my partner Geno did at the start of his WWE run. I was never quite as down on him as my man Cain’s been through his career (although as time went on, I came to agree with Mr. Knight on his critique of Braun’s performance range). But we all saw the undeniable value of a 6’ 8”, 350 pound former Strongman as a pro wrestling attraction.

Similarly, I don’t know Adam Scherr personally. I’m not sure how much we’d have in common - me being a soy boy who does yoga and spends too much time online obsessing about pop culture, him being a proud Murican who clangs & bangs in the gym and collects guns & muscle cars.

But I think we’d get along. Or at least, I think I’d enjoy hanging with the Monster Among Men. And his reaction to his WWE release today (June 2) is a good example:

The picture he posted along with the same thought on Instagram drives the point home even more.

Adam Scherr’s Instagram

That’s just a dude who tries to be grateful and keep things in perspective (that he’s spoken in the past about the challenge of doing those things makes him even more likable and relatable). Sure, the millions of dollars he’s made helps, but Scherr seems to have used his success to better himself rather than let it go to his head, which isn’t how everyone handles fame & fortune.

Anyway, thanks to you, too, KindEyes McChesticles. Enjoy that next chapter.

(Unrelated, but I’d also like to shout PAC out for keeping his shirt on in that pic.)