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WWE is going to get a lot better very soon

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WWE Superstars Celebrate Wrestlemania 35 Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Whatever your feelings about WWE, the excitement of WrestleMania 37 taking place live in front of paying fans at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, waned quickly once the promotion was forced back into the ThunderDome. Don’t get me wrong, the ThunderDome was a necessary innovation to give Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown some life while the world has been navigating the pandemic, but we’re all tired of those digital screens.

Thankfully, we’re less than a month away from WWE going back out on the road and fans returning to live shows once again.

That alone is a big reason to look forward to the near future in WWE but it’s certainly not the only reason.

In addition to the return of live fans, PW Insider has reported Becky Lynch was just at the Performance Center in the ring working with NXT’s Indi Hartwell. She would be doing so as part of the process WWE has its wrestlers go through to prepare for a return to the ring.

There have also been various reports and rumors that the likes of John Cena and Edge will be back in time for SummerSlam, a show that is close to selling out even without the promise of those stars showing up. Add Lynch, add Sasha Banks, who I’m assuming will also be back in time for it, and you’ve already got a loaded up match card.

After SummerSlam, reports indicate we’re looking at another WWE Draft, which will serve to freshen up the roster on both the main roster brands. That could include top talent from NXT like Karrion Kross and Bronson Reed.

All of this is to say that there’s a lot of reason to be excited about the near future of WWE.