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WWE is reportedly looking at Karrion Kross and other NXT stars as part of a main roster shake-up

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There was word going around last night that NXT champions Karrion Kross and Bronson Reed worked dark matches before SmackDown aired. WWE officials apparently wanted to evaluate them with a first-hand perspective.

PW Insider has an update on that story which provides additional insight as to what’s going on here:

“One of the reason the talents were brought in (and others could be brought in over the next few weeks) is that WWE has a Draft scheduled for September and is looking at different talents they can pull up from NXT to accentuate the main roster as they prepare to shake things up heading into the Fall.”

Insider also mentions that as part of these evaluations, Kross wrestled Dolph Ziggler, and Reed wrestled Robert Roode.

The rumor mill recently indicated that a WWE Draft is coming up soon, and Insider’s report is consistent with that claim. Kross was already rumored to be fast-tracked to the main roster, so his time on top as NXT champion might be short-lived.

Things are about to heat up in WWE, with fans returning in July, along with stars like John Cena, Edge, Sasha Banks, and maybe even Becky Lynch. The top of the Raw and SmackDown rosters definitely need an overhaul, with champions Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns pretty much running out of viable challengers.

How do you think Karrion Kross will fare on the WWE main roster if he is called up over these next few months?