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Roman Reigns has no problem smashing John Cena

WWE is heading back on the road next month, and the rumor mill indicates the company will promote SummerSlam 2021 on Aug. 21 like it’s a WrestleMania level event. To that end, a potential main event match of Roman Reigns vs. John Cena appears to be on the table.

During an interview on ACC Network, the Tribal Chief was asked if he is willing to step into the ring with the face that used to run the place. Here is how Roman responded to that question:

“If John wants to get smashed, then he knows where I’m at. When it comes to whooping people’s ass, I do not discriminate. Luchadors, mat wrestlers, legends, Hollywood superstars, anybody...Anybody can get it.”

Hollywood superstars too, huh?

Roman is scheduled to smash a legendary luchador tonight on SmackDown when he defends the Universal title inside Hell in a Cell against Rey Mysterio. If John Cena then decides to return to WWE when the company hits the road on July 16, it sounds like Roman won’t hesitate to smash him too.

Are you hoping to see Reigns vs. Cena at SummerSlam?

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