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WWE is returning to the road with new set designs

WWE on Twitter

Last month, the rumor mill included a tidbit about WWE refreshing their set designs soon. With WWE now returning to the road on July 16, it certainly looks like that will be the case.

In an interview with Below the Line, WWE’s lead Production Designer Jason Robinson explained that new set designs are on the way:

“We’re heading out on the road come July 16. We’re coming out in Houston, Texas on SmackDown, then we’re headed right into our Pay Per View, Money in the Bank, which is one our favorite Pay Per Views of the year. Lots of ladders with a briefcase hanging over the ring, so we have two Money in the Bank briefcases and onto Dallas and then we’re not looking back. We’re headed forward, so we’re looking at new sets, new staging that we’re building. My next phone call is to the graphics department, talking about augmented reality and how AR is going to interface with our set, and how we’re going to make some really cool graphics for set entrances as our superstars enter.”

With Raw and SmackDown finally moving on from WWE’s innovative ThunderDome setup next month, what set changes do you hope to see?

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