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Drew McIntyre responds to criticism of his never-ending chase for the WWE championship

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Drew McIntyre’s current conflict with Bobby Lashley began way back on Feb. 21 when Lashley conspired with The Miz to screw Drew out of the WWE championship at Elimination Chamber. Nearly four months later, McIntyre and Lashley are still fighting over the gold at Hell in a Cell, coming up this Sunday, June 20.

There’s been some criticism about the monotony of Drew receiving so many WWE championship matches. On the one hand, this is Drew’s third time challenging Lashley for the gold, which seems fitting for a Hell in a Cell blow off match. On the other hand, Drew has dominated the WWE championship scene far longer than that.

In an interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Drew acknowledged the criticism and said he understands where it’s coming from:

“I understand some fans may be like, ‘Ugh, I’d like a new fresh face in the picture,’ perhaps. Realistically, I have been fighting for the title or been champion for over a year now – which is a pretty significant time – but I don’t think anyone is saying, ‘Oh my goodness, Drew’s not working as hard as he can to give us the best matches possible and do the best he can with every interview possible.’ I think it’s more, ‘I would like to see something different here and see Drew do something different over here.’”

I do think Drew’s promos of late aren’t connecting, and that’s part of the problem. For example, it was pretty bizarre when Drew criticized Kofi Kingston for being motivated by his family and friends. It’s also hard to follow when Drew makes obscure references to Scottish folklore.

But ultimately, Drew nails it when he says that most fan exhaustion is primarily a function of his never-ending presence in the WWE championship picture since the start of 2020.

The match at Hell in a Cell has a stipulation that Drew can never challenge Lashley for the title again if he loses the match. So if Drew fails, WWE will finally have to find a new babyface who can challenge for the WWE championship.

Then again, stipulations don’t mean much in WWE, so there’s probably still a 50% chance that Drew will be in the WWE title match at next month’s pay-per-view regardless of what happens this Sunday.

Are you ready to move on from Drew McIntyre’s dominance of the WWE championship scene? If so, who should be next to challenge Bobby Lashley?