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WWE’s pre-Hell in a Cell Cameo sales aren’t going great

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A few of the 13 Superstars offered were popular, but most of them are moving slowly.

For the second time since instituting a ban on talent engaging with fans via third party applications, WWE partnered with Cameo to sell personalized messages from wrestlers ahead of a PPV event. 12 Superstars were featured in the promotion for June 19’s Hell in a Cell, offering 10 unique videos each.

I honestly don’t recall any reports on how well the pre-WrestleMania 37 Cameo sales went, but I assumed it was a success. We know individual promotions with Legends like Undertaker sold well.

With only a few exceptions, this time around doesn’t seem to be going that well though.

On the good news front, Drew McIntyre, Alexa Bliss & Rhea Ripley sold out. Shawn Michaels only has one left as of this writing (~10:30 pm ET on Weds., June 16). After that, the picture isn’t as pretty.

Cesaro - 6 of 10 remaining
Nia Jax - 6 of 10 remaining
Rey Mysterio - 6 of 10 remaining
Bianca Belair - 7 of 10 remaining
Sami Zayn - 8 of 10 remaining
Seth Rollins - 9 of 10 remaining
Bobby Lashley - 9 of 10 remaining
Kevin Owens - 9 of 10 remaining
Charlotte Flair - 9 of 10 remaining

Price is a factor here, and Lashley, Rollins, Owens & Flair are towards the upper end of those still available at $300 and up per message. But a shout out from Bliss was $700, and they moved.

And this is probably an indication of the excitement level around this weekend’s show, too. The buzz is nothing compared to ‘Mania, so a lot of fans probably don’t even know these are available.

Still, you have to imagine wrestlers who were steamed about the third party ban enjoy this. A little bit. Somewhere management can’t see them. But they’re at least smirking.