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Piper Niven has a great response to those body shaming her after her Raw debut

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I guess I’ve done a decent job making sure I’m not following too many horrible people on social media, because I didn’t see much body shaming of Piper Niven when she debuted as Eva Marie’s associate on Raw this past Monday (June 14).

Complaints about booking? Sure. Folks having issues with Eva being on the show at all? You bet - there’s a reason Geno adores her.

But while the gross comments about the Scot’s appearance missed me, I don’t for a second doubt they were happening. Because (a) I’ve been on the internet before, and (b) several of Niven’s co-workers were calling out the jerks doing it.

Earlier today, someone tagged Piper in a tweet about it, which got her to respond to the situation directly:

Which, as the headline says, is a great response! But it also really sucks that Niven in particular, and people in general can’t just exist as they are without having to formulate responses and defenses like that.

Because whether Piper came up with that on her own or developed it with the help of a loving support system and/or a good therapist, not everyone has that moxie, those skills, or that kind of network. And when the assholes come for them, we don’t write “great response” posts.

So, don’t body shame people. And if you can’t be excellent to each other, at least try not to be horrible.