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New look Otis looks to claim another victim

Sure, it was probably the falling powerslam and splash off the middle rope that left Montez Ford with “a partial rib fracture and torn intercostal cartilage” after last Friday’s SmackDown. But you’re never going to convince me the chilling visage of a clean-shaven Otis didn’t contribute to the Street Profit’s injuries.

The new look is all part of the new mean streak we’ve seen from Chad Gable’s partner & student. The reason Angelo Dawkins wasn’t there to save his teammate is because Gable conned the Profits into not having Ford ringside for their match, then Otis jumped Dawkins backstage before heading out to put Tez on the shelf.

I guess Chad did warn them Otis was angry.

Well, now Angelo is ALSO angry. And Matt Camp informed us The Bump this morning Dozer and Dawkins will get a chance to take their anger out on each other on this Friday’s SmackDown.

Otis vs. Angelo Dawkins joins Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez’s tag match against Kevin Owens & Big E, and King Corbin & Shinsuke Nakamura Battling for the Crown on Fri., June 18’s Hell in a Cell go home show.

Who ya got?

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