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ACH says he’s stepping away from pro wrestling

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No word on why, but former Ring of Honor & NXT star ACH announced on Instagram this morning (June 16) that he’s done with pro wrestling.

ACH (real name Albert Hardie, Jr.) walked away from the business once before. That was in December of 2019, and was part of a tumultuous few months in the 33 year old Texan’s career. Just months after winning NXT’s Breakout Tournament under the ring name Jordan Myles, he was involved in a public dispute over a t-shirt design he & others believed to be racist, and quit WWE in November. He returned to the ring in January of 2020.

Over the past year, he’s wrestled for MLW, GCW, NJPW in the U.S., and several independents. If this truly is the end of the high-flyer’s career, his last match will have been a win against Davey Vega at AAW Take No Prisoners on May 7 in Chicagoland.

As stated at the top, we don’t know if this decision is related to a physical issue like the one that caused Lio Rush to make a similar announcement recently, if it’s for his mental health as he’s spoken openly about depression & anxiety in the past, or ACH has just decided to make something else his life’s work.

Whatever it is, we wish him well.