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Even with strong competition, Raw posts its best numbers in a month

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Raw on USA was far from the only live sports entertainment viewing option on Mon., June 14.

There were two NBA playoff games on TNT that were watched by 3 - 4 million people. Another 3 million watched the Olympic Trials on NBC, and almost a million more were watching the NHL playoff game on NBC Sports Network.

Despite that, WWE grew its Monday night audience from the week prior. Viewers were up 6% to an average of 1.742 million across all three hours. In the 18 - 49 year old demographic, the rating rose 2% to .49. The former is the best number since May 17; the latter since May 10.

This was the Hell in a Cell go home show, for whatever that’s worth in the streaming era. It would also anecdotally tell us that despite “strongly worded complaints”, the Alexa Bliss/Shayna Baszler angle that closed the June 7 episode didn’t drive people away. Or, as my man Geno has been screaming at us for years, that Eva Marie is a draw.

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