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Cole vs. O’Reilly II at Great American Bash; NXT books card for June 22

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Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly put their animosity aside at times in the five-man NXT championship main event at TakeOver: In Your House on Sun., June 13. But it didn’t last.

Now, the old Undisputed ERA mates will have another go at each other. Cole vs. O’Reilly II is the first match booked for July 6’s Great American Bash-themed episode. It’ll be a “straight-up wrestling match”. KOR won an Unsanctioned Match at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver back in April.

To warm-up for the showdown, General Manager William Regal allowed both men to pick their opponents next week. Kyle stepped to Cruiserweight champion Kushida, and they’ll have a non-title match on June 22. We don’t know who Cole’s picking yet... because after he laid hands on Regal’s new enforcer Samoa Joe, he got choked out backstage.

In addition to those two matches, three other things were also booked for next Tuesday’s show:

- Franky Monet, who seems to be trying to steal Robert Stone’s clients, will have her second match in NXT. The opponent for Monet’s “encore” hasn’t been named yet.

- The Diamond Mine will open, whatever that is.

- Hit Row’s Top Dolla & Ashante Thee Adonis (who are money) battle Ever-Rise (who rule)

Sound like a good plan?