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WWE congratulates Renee Paquette on the birth of her daughter

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And some wrestling fans are mad her man didn’t get a shout out from their ex-employers.

This morning (June 14), Renee Paquette told the world she’d given birth to her & Jon Moxley’s daughter Nora, and that mother & baby were doing fine.

WWE - or someone in WWE’s social media department - sent a tweet congratulating the woman who worked at the company for eight years as Renee Young.

This has upset some folks. Because Moxley, then known as Dean Ambrose, ALSO worked for WWE for eight years.

Which, okay, did I make a mental note that only one of Nora’s parents were congratulated? Sure did. But... come on. This is a non-issue, even for the wrestle web.

This is just some person in Stamford looking to shout out a former co-worker & beloved pro wrestling figure while also getting some #engagement on a trending topic. They didn’t want to get in any trouble by tagging her husband, who actually works for a competitor, so they did the not-unreasonable thing and congratulated the person whose exit was a little smoother and who oh-by-the-way did all the work on the whole “giving birth” thing.

Most importantly, Renee doesn’t seem to care!

Mox almost certainly doesn’t care. He’s got to be way too busy looking at his wife & daughter with eyes of love while occasionally daydreaming about assaulting Nick Gage with a bassinet. Or maybe he’s wondering why (as of 4 pm ET) AEW hasn’t congratulated either of them!?!?

Just kidding, scripted fight fans.

Now let’s just unite around our happiness for Renee AND Jon and leave the inter-company heat nonsense for later, huh?