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Cena: Reigns ‘absolutely needed’ to work without a crowd to get his current character over

John Cena is on his way back to WWE. He said as much in this interview. Chris Van Vliet says it’s not a matter of if Cena will return to pro wrestling sports entertainment, but when. And the Face that Used to Run the Place responded:

“You’re absolutely correct. Yep.”

The interview is focused on John joining the Fast & Furious franchise with the June 25-releasing F9. But old pals Cena & Van Vliet do get in plenty of WWE talk. The 16 time World champ admits his Jakob Toretto character is a way to show a heel turn is “possible” at his most famous job.

And in answering how excited he is to return to performing in front of a live crowd again, Cena talked a bit about the man he’s rumored to possibly be facing at SummerSlam:

“So I’m going to modify the question, because I think the question is selfish. I’m excited for the WWE performers. I know how hard it’s been, and I don’t think I could have - amazingly enough - I would have done very well in this atmosphere without an audience.

“But I also think that this time without an audience has allowed performers like let’s say Roman Reigns for example, to unobstructively mold his character. If you send Roman Reigns from city to city to city, with paying audience after paying audience, there may be some audiences that don’t even care what he wants or has to say. They just want to boo him, or cheer him, or whatever. Without that, especially when developing a character, when trying to get the message across, when trying to hand someone your business card. I think Roman Reigns has absolutely needed this time, and in it he has developed himself, his personality - found out who he is. So now when he goes back to live audiences, they’re not confused. He’s spent this 15 month block defining who he is and he’s the one that can benefit from this.

“Whereas established performers, I think I really would have had a tough time with no audiences. I as a performer, and what I enjoy out of the performance, I am happy for the WWE to have crowds again. I really look forward to getting back in front of those crowds. But I’m just happy for everybody that their music can hit and they can feel that genuine excitement that makes all of our hearts beat.”

It’s an interesting observation, and I think an accurate one.

And given how worked-shoot their 2017 feud was, I could see these comments getting referenced in a promo if another round of Cena/Reigns is the plan. If last time was about Roman proving he could take the top spot in the company, the Universal champion might not like John implying he needed any type of advantage to claim his seat at the Head of the Table.

Let us know what you think - about this quote, his return, a feud with a new version of Roman Reigns, F9, or whatever else is on your mind about John Cena - in the comments below.