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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (June 14, 2021): All red return

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So... let’s start off with this.

Eva Marie.

When Marie was on the main roster a few years ago, I saw what her gimmick was and I was worked by it. I’ll happily admit that.

Right before she was gone, they were doing that gimmick where she’d be announced by the movie trailer voice over and then it would say “... is stuck in traffic” and stuff like that so she’d never wrestle. And I believe she never actually wrestled before being released.

I didn’t really pay attention to her vignettes because I knew what was going to happen.

Having said that, you may not end up being surprised by this statement - I have no issues with how Marie was used here.

Yeah... after last week’s tirade and a lot of stuff you may be reading from other people, she is not the problem and I stand by that.

My frustration here is not with Eva. This type of stuff is to be expected from her character, because it’s literally all her character is. She is here to troll and to be everything you hate. And it does work!

The frustration with all of this lies on this company that insists that talented people must be mistreated. It’s easy to misplace the blame when you’re constantly treated like an idiot and tired of it.

I said on Friday’s SmackDown recap that WWE is a one storyline company. Obviously I do not mean that literally. There are storylines all over the company. But the Roman Reigns one is by far the most compelling. By far.

I also said that Shayna Baszler shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for the Alexa Bliss storyline, and it’s a shame that she has.

This week, the sacrificing struck again, with both Naomi and former NXT UK wrestler Piper Niven. Niven doesn’t need to be a goofball protégé or friend of Eva’s and Naomi doesn’t need to be squashed by someone that literally did not belong in the match. The referee looked at her in the ring, basically said who are you and what are you doing here, and then rang the damn bell anyway.

The referee, who was told that Eva Marie was wrestling, rang the bell and called a match with someone who was not the person who was scheduled to wrestle. That was so damn stupid.

And I’m going to be upfront with you... I don’t know what I would have done to make it better. I’m so apathetic to this program that I don’t have the energy to come up with a better solution.

By the way, it should say something that on a go home show for a big pay-per-view, this is my top feature.

Let’s get to the rest of the hits and misses of this show. For a full rundown of Raw, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

RK-Bro is rad, bro

This match made me truly realize how much chemistry these teams have with each other.

Riddle and Orton are fantastic together, too.

Riddle and Woods were able to make some magic trading elbows and knees bringing some great aggression out of the both of them.

Jimmy Smith was doing excellent commentary during this by accurately describing which positions were best as Riddle was trying to submit Woods. An inside cradle nearly won the match for Riddle and I thought that was going to be the finish.

And then the brilliance of this happened. Orton went for the DDT and Kingston grabbed Woods’ legs and prevented Orton from doing his move. Then Riddle bridged out of a pin from Kingston. Orton tagged in, and then couldn’t RKO Woods at first, but did get a second RKO on Woods for the win.

Everything about this is wonderful.

Why I think this is brilliant is because I think this is going to lead to Orton doing some of Riddle’s moves to win. He’s already done the Bro Derek, but wouldn’t it be absolutely wild to see Orton do a Floating Bro?

This may actually be going somewhere!

Second week of the MVP and Kofi Kingston interaction.

Good stuff deserves eyes. Enjoy.

The Rest

McIntyre and the Viking Raiders defeated Lashley, Styles, and Omos

Viking Raiders did Viking things, making this a 6 man tag. It was 10:30 p.m. EST when they came out and Corey Graves said “What does this mean for our main event?” Well they waited 12 minutes and then Lashley finally interfered to restart this whole thing. I’m not bothered by it, just like come on we knew what was coming... just do it. Lashley was afforded the convenience of going back and changing for this, and took out McIntyre when he came back. Omos manhandling Ivar looked sick. McIntyre being the first person to rock Omos is intriguing. Lashley got pinned but I am not convinced that Drew wins on Sunday. Yes, remember there actually is a pay-per-view this Sunday.

Nikki Cross defeated Charlotte Flair via count out

I hope that all of this is going to mean something and not Nikki Cross just sitting in catering for 6 months off television. Flair was a sore loser because Ripley once again distracted her, and tried to hurt Cross, but Ripley made the save. Yeah sure.

Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka

They ended up doing the reverse of what they normally do. Instead of “hey you four have feuds so we’re putting you in a tag match” they did “hey you four, you were in a tag last week, and now we’re splitting you into singles matches.” I mean we’ve seen this specific match like 100 times since WrestleMania but of course it was gonna happen again. And after, Charlotte came out and attacked Rhea, leading to a pull apart brawl. Charlotte’s outfit ruled by the way.

I’m going to promote this angle for WWE

Once again, good stuff deserves eyes. They were running with this for a few weeks and then decided not to bother, so smart man Mr. Ali decided to shoot his own video. Also isn’t it so cool that Damian Priest is nowhere to be found now after a huge match at WrestleMania with BAD BUNNY?

John Morrison defeated Jeff Hardy / Jeff Hardy defeated Cedric Alexander

Drip Sticks hurt people, Hardy has four eyes according to Riddle, and Cedric Alexander likes screaming. After Hardy lost, Alexander said he’d retire him because he was a sore winner last week, and Hardy said if he could beat him now, he’d retire. Well, you read the result already!

Mandy and Sandy from Grease brawled with Natalya and Tamina

The only two of three main roster women’s tag teams that exist anymore decided to keep that going. They have titles, I mean you have to fight for them I guess. Oh sorry Dana, not Sandy.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax ends in disqualification

Bliss looked spooky and brought aggression for her first match in months, pointed out by commentary. Good for her. Reginald is the dumbest idiot on the planet for interfering here and then she took control of Reginald’s body. So... possession? Is Reginald now able to be controlled by her? We’ll find out at some point.

Jaxson Ryker and Elias happened again, and ended in a count out... again

More like Zaxson Ryder. Dude shouldn’t have cut his hair. Count out again so who cares? We’ll be seeing this again next week.

Grade: C-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?