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Eva Marie returns with a debuting Piper Niven

After months of hype, Eva Marie finally returned to Raw tonight.

She was advertised for a match with Naomi, which suggested that Eva was indeed returning to be a wrestler in WWE. But when it was time for her entrance, out came NXT UK’s Piper Niven heading down to the ring with her.

The commentators had no idea who Niven was. The bell rang to start the match, and Niven wrestled in Eva’s place. She destroyed Naomi, of course, and secured the pinfall victory in short order.

Afterwards, Eva grabbed the microphone and declared that the winner of the match was Eva Marie. Piper enthusiastically hugged Eva and was presented much more like the quirky friend rather than the silent muscle.

Those fans were hoping to see what Eva can do in the ring were certainly disappointed in what they got here. We’ll see in the following weeks how this gimmick progresses.

What did you think of Eva Marie’s return to Raw?