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Brodie Jr.’s ‘feud’ with Liv Morgan continues to be the best thing

It’s been a while since we checked in on Brodie Huber, aka Negative One, aka Brodie Lee Jr.’s wrestling training. But his mom’s posted an update, and it’s amazing for a bunch of reasons... so it’s time.

As you might recall, Brodie Jr. trains at Natalya and TJ Wilson’s gym, which is also frequented by WWE’s Liv Morgan. During a January training session, -1 unleashed an impressive array of kicks during a sparing session with Morgan, and hit a nifty DDT-into-guillotine choke maneuver. We also saw him working the basics with WWE producer Wilson.

Recently, they all crossed paths again. Liv got a rematch. Despite the fact Brodie Jr. looks to have grown an inch or two (as nine year old boys will), she seems to fare better this time than she did in the January footage. She’s still chalking this up as a loss though, as you can see in the screenshotted comments.

In addition to checking those, be sure to scroll through the various pics and videos of -1 and his little brother Nolan, and read Amanda Huber’s caption beneath them.

Amanda Huber’s Instagram

It’s not just Liv and Jr’s intercompany, intergender feud. The way the entire wrestling business and community continues to embrace & support the Huber’s continues to be the best thing.

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