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More on the NXT General Manager storyline (SPOILERS)

William Regal

Last night (June 13), TakeOver: In Your House ended with a cliffhanger. NXT’s long-time General Manager William Regal teared up discussing the “bedlam” surrounding the show, and told interview McKenzie Mitchell, “I think it’s time for a change.”

Well, Wrestling Observer and PW Insider are both reporting that change could involve a wrestler WWE released back in April.

The rumor last week that Samoa Joe was at the Performance Center apparently does mean he’s back. Neither site confirms Joe will replace Regal as General Manager, but both are clear his new contract is to work in NXT, and that current plans do not include a return to the ring.

Regarding the on-screen GM angle, Dave Meltzer said on Observer Radio after In Your House, “I was told [Sunday] Samoa Joe was in a Regal-like role and all of a sudden, he’s stepping down.” Insider’s Mike Johnson writes, “it may be that Joe ends up in the General Manager role or in the role of that as an enforcer for Regal.”

Whether that ends up being his role or not, word is Joe definitely isn’t going to AEW, New Japan, Impact, Ring of Honor, or any of the places fans were fantasy booking him after his WWE release. It also doesn’t seem like he’ll be wrestling any time soon.

Joe suffered a series of concussions in late 2019/early 2020 which led to his being moved onto the Raw commentary team. Meltzer believes he still isn’t cleared. We’ve seen folks like Daniel Bryan and Christian Cage return from similar diagnoses of course, but Johnson indicates in his report, “the belief is that while he could wrestle at some point, that is not the goal here and Joe will instead focus more on non-wrestling duties.”

As far as Regal’s status, all we have is what Triple H said on his post-TakeOver media call (h/t Fightful), which blends work & shoot:

“William Regal has been such an integral part of this since day one. There are certain people that have and then [there are] people that have come in along the way that have become — it’s hard to envision doing it in any sort of way without them. Regal’s definitely one of those people. I don’t think that we will ever do it without him, he’ll be a part of this until the day that he tells me he doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

We’ll see how this all plays out tomorrow night.

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