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NXT teases the unthinkable

Throughout the day on Sun., June 13, and in the entire build to tonight’s TakeOver: In Your House event, chaos has reigned at NXT. There was a brawl in the parking lot before the show, and brawl inside the Capital Wrestling Center during the show - hell, the reason we had a five-way main event is because the Triple Threat to determine a #1 contender for Karrion Kross’ NXT title was interrupted.

But that’s just a wrestling show, right? I mean, there have always been jokes about how dangerous the parking lot at the Performance Center is for a reason.

But it seems NXT has something else cooking. And I’m here to tell you, Cagesiders, I don’t like the smell. In Your House closed with this scene of a teary-eyed General Manager William Regal hinting he might not be the man for the job anymore...

In addition to my above “of course there’s bedlam there are a bunch of pro wrestlers working there” arguments, I’d also say that for myself and much of the NXT Universe, Regal is not only synonymous with the brand - he’s one of the best authority figure types in the last 20 years of the business, maybe ever.

A straight shooter with a streak of the Old Villain, who will put his babyfaces in challenging situations and revel in twisting the knife in his heels. A performer who can be intense or silly as the scene calls for. Just look at non-verbal work he did in this scene from last Tuesday’s show:

So, yeah... I can’t really imagine this show without Mr. Regal. They also better not be thinking about making Triple H the regular on-screen boss, either. No offense, Haitch, but having lived through your title reign on Raw in the Aughts, and The Authority run of the 2010s, I do not want to watch another show even kind-of centered around your character.

The only sort-of acceptable option I can think of is to bring Samoa Joe around as Regal’s week-to-week right-hand/enforcer. Joe’s rumored to have been seen around Orlando of late...

Just don’t take our Regal, you bastards!

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