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TakeOver In Your House results: Karrion Kross beats everyone to retain NXT title

The main event of tonight’s (Sun., June 13, 2021) NXT TakeOver: In Your House event from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida, featured Karrion Kross putting the NXT championship on the line against “everyone” the way he wanted. That included Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano.

Kross came into the match still undefeated, and he leaves it undefeated.

Considering it was a five-way with every wrestler in the ring all at once, it was laid out to give everyone some focus at one time or another with nods to key rivalries. Kross was absolutely put over as an absolute killer, throwing Cole, O’Reilly, Dunne, and Gargano all around the apron, the barricade, the ring, all of it.

The rest of them had to gang up to take him down when they could.

Still, he would keep coming back and delivering punishment to all five guys while they tried their best to get him down again so they could go back to fighting each other. I don’t know what it says that the best parts of the match, the most immaculately laid out, at least, were when Kross was down and it was essentially a four way with the challengers. Those four put on an absolute show, one worthy of a TakeOver main event spot.

Having said that, the “oh no, the monster woke up again” spot was played very well each time.

The finish saw O’Reilly lock in a submission on Cole, who came really close to tapping, but held on just long enough for Kross to put a sleeper on O’Reilly and squeeze until he passed out.

And still.

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