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WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021 results, live streaming match coverage

WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., June 13, 2021) at 8 pm ET, live on Peacock and WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: In Your House below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show comes our way from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, and it's offering up the usual stacked card. While you're waiting for the show to begin, dig into our predictions - as well as a preview of the entire card!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.


Karrion Kross def. Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, and Kyle O’Reilly

Raquel González def. Ember Moon

L.A. Knight def. Cameron Grimes

Xia Li def. Mercedes Martinez

MSK & Bronson Reed def. Legado Del Fantasma


It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside, I’m not one of those who can easily hide. I don’t have much money, but boy if I did, I’d buy a big house where we both could live, and I’d still be liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for these folks.

The show opens with a Todd Pettengill voice over on a hype reel for tonight’s matches that closes on a big intro from Michael PS Hayes.

Naomi Fox sings an intro song for the show.

Todd makes his entrance and welcomes the largest crowd in Capitol Wrestling Center history.

Bronson Reed (NA) & MSK (Nash Carter & Wes Lee) (Tag) vs. Legado Del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde, Raul Mendoza, & Santos Escobar) (NXT North American / NXT Tag Team Championships Winner Takes All Match)

Lee and Mendoza to start, a bit of light lucha libre, Wes snaps off a tijeras but Raul lands on his feet! Off the ropes, leapfrog, Raul with the tijeras this time but Lee lands on his feet! Into the corner, tag to Carter, tag to Wilde, Nash gets a schoolboy but can’t put him away. Knucklelock, lucha arm drag from Joaquin, hip swivel, Carter clobbers him with a knee, roll-through, nope!

Tags made, Reed the immovable object, Mendoza bounces off him repeatedly! Earthquake Splash connects but Escobar tagged in blind, no count! Slam, Santos is hurting and tags right out to Wilde. Bronson beckons him in, military press drop! Tag to Carter, slingshot senton atomico, tag to Lee, slingshot senton of his own, quick tags and the babyfaces are keeping Joaquin off-balance!

The match breaks down and goes to the floor, where Nash takes Escobar out with an Orihara Moonsault! Fountain of dives ensues, each man taking a turn, closing with Reed hitting a big man tope suicida into the crush! Back in the ring, Santos pummeling Wes with right hands, corner knee, setting him up top for an avalanche Frankensteiner... NOPE!

Kneeling bow-and-arrow, keeping Lee isolated but they can’t put him away! Tag to Reed, freight training Wilde, whip across and a body avalanche takes him down! One for Mendoza too, stacking ‘em up for a double Stinger Splash! Fireman’s carry on both guys... DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP! Swinging suplex plants Joaquin and Bronson wants Escobar!

Raul with a kick to the knee and the tag out, Santos picks him up... MICHINOKU DRIVER CONNECTS BUT CARTER BREAKS IT UP! Nash tags in, roll under, enzuigiri misses a legal Wilde, standing switch, off the ropes, Carter with a knee! Tag to Raul, rolling thunder Russian legsweep / gamengiri combo... WES LEE DIVES INTO THEM TO BREAK IT UP!


Bronson Reed & MSK win by pinfall with a 747 Splash from Reed on Raul Mendoza, retaining the NXT North American and NXT Tag Team Championships.

We get footage of Kyle O’Reilly being interviewed in the parking lot earlier today when Johnny Gargano and The Way roll up to heckle him. They start shoving each other, security swarms and William Regal arrives to restore order.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li

Li strong out the gates, wrenching Martinez over the ropes before heading to the floor to ram her into the post! Back inside and out again, Xia firmly in control until Mercedes turns the tide by taking her leg out from under her! Back in, Martinez with palm strikes, reverse a whip, delayed butterfly suplex!

Li gets a pumphandle exploder suplex, but she can’t capitalize and Mercedes Hot Shots her into the turnbuckles! Elevated crucifix, Cliffhanger... NOPE! Reverse a knee, roll her through but Martinez hits a jumping knee! Boa saves Li but Mercedes comes after her on the floor and regains control.

Fireman’s carry, she fights out with knees, 540 roundhouse from Xia...

Xia Li wins by pinfall with a 540 roundhouse kick.

Post-match, Li tries to attack Martinez with a chair but Mercedes cuts her off and wallops Boa with it! She attacks Xia with it as well but the lights flicker and Mei Ying appears on the stage! She goozles Martinez, Mercedes gets away and tries to wallop her with the chair but just gets re-goozled and thrown off the stage and into a cage wall!

Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa cut a promo in front of a garage door where they talk about how they’re gonna break some limbs in 48 hours.

Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight (Million Dollar Championship Ladder Match)

Grimes and Knight jawing while the crowd chants about how much LA sucks, into a collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, shot off, shoulder block! Cameron with elbows and chops, uppercut in the corner, whip across, big lariat, chest kicks, he snaps off a Frankensteiner and Knight falls to the floor!

Sliding a ladder in, Knight knocks Cameron to the floor and throws it at him! Back inside, ladder in the ring, LA knocks it over, lots of jockeying for position over it, both men have ladders and they clash! Grimes knocks him to the floor and rams him into the barricade with a ladder!

Brawling on the floor, Knight passes him into the barricade and slams the ladder into the side of his head! Throwing him into the barricade again, smashing his face into the apron, bridging a ladder between barricade and ring. Knee lift, slingshot shoulder block, leaning the ladder against the corner and stepping on Cameron’s head!

Grimes with a German suplex into the ladder, walloping LA with it, setting it up to ram his gentleman’s area but Knight blocks! Standing switch, jockeying for position... NECKBREAKER ONTO THE SIDE OF THE LADDER! Setting a ladder up, hammering LA with uppercuts but he turns him around and throws him into the ladder!

Leaning the ladder in the ropes, grabbing Cameron by the neck, offering a trip to the moon but Grimes reverses the whip and LA goes face-first into the end of a ladder set up in the corner! Knight recovers but gets back body dropped into the ladder before he can make much of it!

Putting him into the ladder bridged between ring and barricade, Grimes declares that he wants theat gold and goes and gets the big gold ladder set up on the stage! He sets it up in the ring and climbs, reaching, he’s so close... AND LA KNIGHT CLIMBS UP THE OTHER SIDE! Punching away, smashing his face into the ladder, knocking him down... BUT KNIGHT KNOCKS THE LADDER DOWN!

Grimes hits the crossbody powerslam, both men are down and out! Knight recovers first, Cameron rolls to the ramp, LA brings a ladder out and sets it up, bridging a second ladder between the upright one and the ring ropes. Grimes recovers with a forearm, Penalty Kick off the stage!

Cameron atop a ladder, LA knocks it over but he jumps to some scaffolding... SPLASH OFF THE SCAFFOLDING! Back inside, Grimes knocks Knight to the floor again, climbs the ladder... BUT LA KNOCKS HIM OVER AND INTO THE LADDER CONTRAPTION HE BUILT ON THE RAMP! Knight climbs...

LA Knight wins by climbing the ladder and retrieving the title to become the new Million Dollar Champion.

Post-match, the Million Dollar Man himself, Ted DiBiase, personally presents Knight with the title.

Todd Pettengill shills for merch but Hit Row rolls up to interrupt and take things over.

We cut backstage, where Karrion Kross and Pete Dunne are currently having a pull-apart brawl.

Ember Moon vs. Raquel Gonzalez (c) (NXT Women’s Championship)

Moon with a dropkick and a Frankensteiner but Gonzalez stays on her feet! Ember goes for a crossbody and gets shoved down! Raquel blasts her off the apron and into the barricade as a followup, then takes her back inside to keep working her over. Shoulder thrusts, hard whip to the corner, scoop lift but Moon slips out!

Sunset flip blocked, putting her towards the corner, boot up, Gonzalez blocks the diving Codebreaker and hoists her up for a side slam! Stalking after her, Raquel hoists her up into a Canadian backbreaker rack! Adding a chinlock, slamming her out of it, cover for two!

Moon with punches to try and get some sparation, boot up, superkick connects and staggers the champ! Rolling solebutt, kick combo ends in an enzuigiri... YOSHI TONIC CAN’T KEEP HER DOWN! Deathlock the legs, add a rear chinlock, Dakota Kai puts the rope in her pal’s hand to force the break!

Referee Aja Smith warns her about it, the heels take a breather, Ember off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE! Back inside, basement reverse STO... NOPE! Headed up top, Kai runs interference, Gonzalez steps up into a superplex... STILL NO! One-arm powerbomb reversed into a victory roll for two!

Raquel with a big boot, nearfall of her own, delayed vertical... REVERSED INTO STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE! Headed up top, diving Codebreaker connects, Moon back up top to capitalize... ECLIPSE! DAKOTA KAI PUTS RAQUEL’S FOOT ON THE ROPES! SHOTZI BLACKHEART IS HERE TO PLAY EQUALIZER!

She chases Dakota up onto the stage, right hands and she puts her into some potted plants in front of the house before fighting to the back! Gonzalez fighting, to the apron, Moon hits a tornado DDT onto the ramp! Another Eclipse, blocked, Raquel scoops her up, Snake Eyes! One-arm lift...

Raquel Gonzalez wins by pinfall with the one-arm powerbomb to retain the NXT Women’s Championship.

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is playing Karate Fighters with Dexter Lumis, but he makes the mistake of asking how the women are treating him these days and Lumis crushes one of the toys before walking away.

We get a hype reel for the Great American Bash, happening on July 6.

We see Johnny Gargano walking backstage on his way to his entrance when he passes Dakota Kai and Shotzi Blackheart, still fighting with security swarming to try and separate them.

Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Karrion Kross (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne (NXT Championship)

O’Reilly and Cole pairing off as well as Dunne and Gargano but Pete knocks Johnny out of the ring and gets into it with Kross! Leg kicks, Karrion hoists him up and tosses him out of the ring! Kyle in with the champ now, probing kicks, roll-through kneebar applied! Kross gets to his feet and counters with a German suplex!

Gargano springboards in, roll under, elbows, looking for Gargano Escape but Karrion tosses him aside! Johnny with a chop block, off the ropes, tijeras takes the champ down! Charging in, Kross catches him and suplexes him! Cole in with a low kick, right hands, fight out of a waistlock with an enzuigiri, off the ropes but Dunne trips him up and everybody but Kross beats him up while he’s trapped in the apron!

Back inside, Karrion lights him up with corner strikes, KOR and Dunne in, double northern lights suplex and then a nearfall on Kyle off a lariat! Powerbomb lift, O’Reilly slips out, kick combos, legsweep, boot to an incoming Pete and he kicks Johnny’s legs out from him after! Cravate knee lifts to Adam, grounded elbows and palm strikes, thinking about a cross armbar but Cole keeps his hands clasped!

Dunne puts KOR in a cross armbar of his own, rolling him over, Ode to Jim Breaks, stacking Gargano up into one as well as he works the fingers! Kross comes over and powerbombs Peter into both guys! Karrion calls Cole into the ring, Adam backs off and tries to punch him but Kross lifts him up.

Rake of the eyes to block the powerbomb, Cole runs away and Dunne and Gargano join him on the stage. They put the champ through the front door of the set! Cole back in the ring, dropkick to KOR, fireman’s carry neckbreaker onto the knee... NOPE! Bitter End reversed, Gargano Lawn Darts Dunne into both KOR and Cole... NOPE!

We get a little “everybody do something cool” action and all four non-champ guys are down and out, Cole falls into a cover... JOHNNY WRESTLING KICKS OUT! Kyle with an ankle lock on Adam, kicked off, Kross pulls him off the apron and throws him over the barricade! Big suplex on Cole, Gargano dives... AND KARRION CHOKEBOMBS HIM INTO THE APRON!

Kross tosses Dunne over the barricade as well! Taking Gargano back in the ring, spinning F-5... NO GOOD! Johnny throwing dives on everybody, Cole cuts him off with a series of kicks, Gargano slides under Last Shot, into the corner, back body drop to the apron, kick counters the Superman Spear, Panama Sunrise blocked... JIG N’ TONIC CAN’T KEEP HIM DOWN!

Assisted Poison Frankensteinr takes Dunne out, enzuigiri completes KOR’s Regalplex on Cole and Johnny has to break it up! Kross back in, everybody taking turns hitting him with lariats to remove him! Cole with forearms, double lariat takes him out, Pete rolling elbow and Gargano enzuigiri lead to Kyle with a double pendulum lariat and Karrion takes O’Reilly out in turn!

Kross with a German suplex to KOR, one for Cole as well, to Gargano, stalking after Peter, lifting him up... but he lands on his feet! Kicks cut the champion down, he ends up hanging over the ropes and Cole and O’Reilly work together to powerbomb him into the announce table! All four other guys slugging it out, Kyle and Pete with stereo submissions on Gargano and Cole respectively before dropping them to slug it out themselves!

KOR buckles Dunne, suplex lift reversed into a double wristlock in the middle of the ring! Shift to a triangle choke, Superman Spear from Gargano, Cole takes advantage, brainbuster onto the knee... SO CLOSE! Back and forth, Dunne with a moonsault... SUPERKICK PARTY TAKES HIM OUT BUT COLE CAN’T FINISH HIM!

One Final Beat... STILL NO! DOUBLE GARGANO ESCAPE BUT KOR RETURNS TO THE RING AND BREAKS IT UP WITH A SLIDING KNEE! Kyle with strikes, he hits the sheerdrop brainbuster on Johnny Wrestling and heads up top but Cole shoves him to the floor! Adam off the second... PANAMA SUNRISE! DUNNE PULLS HIM OUT OF THE RING AND HITS A BRAINBUSTER ON THE FLOOR BUT KROSS HAS RECOVERED!

The Bruiserweight is game as Karrion returns to the ring, hammering him with punches and staggering the champion! German suplex takes Dunne off his feet but he’s fired up and hits one of his own! Pumphandle... BITTER END CAN’T KEEP KARRION KROSS DOWN! Triangle choke applied and the other three guys show up to break it up!

Pete works Adam’s fingers but Kross Saito Suplexes both of them! Elbow to the back of Cole’s neck, sleeper hold on Dunne but he straightens up and works the fingers to break the hold! One Final Beat on Pete but Karrion grabs the sleeper on Gargano! He can’t lock it in, Johnny goes for the Hart/Piper reversal but Kross kicks out!

Kneeling sleeper, Cole hits Last Shot! Ax and Smash from KOR! O’Reilly heads up top, Bombs Away... ADAM COLE BREAKS IT UP WITH A SUPERKICK! SUPERKICKS FOR EVERYBODY! BUT KOR ROLLS INTO A HEEL HOOK! Adam desperately trying to break it, Kyle drags him into the middle of the ring and there is no escape!

Kross adds the sleeper to KOR, referee DA Brewer is on top of the situation as Cole rolls out...

Karrion Kross wins by referee stoppage with a sleeper hold on Kyle O’Reilly to retain the NXT Championship.

Scarlett and Kross pose with the title.

William Regal is interviewed as he walks to the parking lot. He says it’s been seven years since he became the general manager of NXT and he’s never seen so much bedlam. He says he thinks it’s time for a change as he walks off.

That’s the show, folks.

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