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Sunil Singh wrestled with a dislocated shoulder on 205 Live this week

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One of the Bollywood Boyz, Sunil Singh, was wrestling Grayson Waller in his 205 Live debut this week when he suffered a dislocated shoulder early on in the match. We know this both because it was clear something was wrong and because he has since alerted everyone to that fact.

From his Instagram:

Unfortunately at tapings this week, I dislocated my right shoulder mid match.

My pride, my heart and passion didn’t let me quit. I immediately thought of my son and continued to gut it out to finish the match.

Down but never out.

“Every set back is a set up for a comeback.”

A very special thank you to @thescotty2hotty for being a great brother and being there by my side at ER.

What’s amazing is he made it through the entire match, as you can see in the video WWE released on its YouTube channel. By the time the video starts, he’s already hurt:

He gutted it out to put over his opponent in his debut in the promotion. That’s a tough man.

All the best to him in his recovery.