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Sheamus says WWE locker room morale is good

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Sheamus on Twitter

New AEW talent & coach Mark Henry recently discussed the mood in the WWE locker room with fellow ex-WWE employee Renee Paquette. Reflecting on the recent rounds of staff reductions, Henry surmised that morale must be low among the wrestlers.

In an interview with Vicente Beltrán posted today (June 11), Raw Superstar and United States champion Sheamus didn’t seem to agree with the Hall of Famer’s take. While nobody wants to see anyone lose their job, the Celtic Warrior says the men and women still in Vince McMahon’s employ aren’t fazed.

“The locker room is just gonna get on with it. I’ve been with the company for 12 years, and it’s part of the business. It happens. People come in, people go... and you just get on with it. Every Monday, you gotta get down, you gotta go out there, and you gotta perform. I don’t think the morale of the locker room is down, I think the morale is pretty good. I think it’s a lot better than it has been. It’s a lot better than it was when I first started. There’s a lot more camaraderie there right now than there ever has been. And you’ve got a lot of great lads, experienced lads, and younger lads working together.

“Going through a pandemic and working with no live fans... you talk to some of the legends who have come before us and they’ll tell you that they wouldn’t know how to adapt, or how to perform in the environment that we’re in. So I think it’s a credit to everybody that has been going for the last 15-16 months non-stop, and performing, and keeping the company going, keeping people entertained during the situation we’ve been in.”

On the one hand, of course a current WWE performer like Sheamus is going to say this.

But at the same time, the picture he paints of a group of professionals who support one another makes a lot of sense. And I’ll give weight to his opinion as someone who is actually in said locker room. Henry & Paquette undoubtedly still have friends in The ‘E, but they’re outside it - and could be biased (consciously or subconsciously) to imagine a gloomy scene, the same way Sheamus has reason to see a sunny one.