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The other big return we should be talking about for SummerSlam

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We’ve been hearing a lot about this year’s SummerSlam, WWE’s first “Big 4” PPV with a packed house of fans since Royal Rumble 2020.

The show in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium will be the first SummerSlam in a stadium in almost 30 years, since 1992’s event at London’s Wembley Stadium. WWE reportedly wants to make it a WrestleMania-caliber affair, and is said to bringing in John Cena for a match against Roman Reigns to help make that happen. We already know some Superstars like Edge & Sasha Banks who’ve been on hiatus since April’s ‘Mania should be back, and there’s been a lot of speculation about Brock Lesnar returning.

On name we haven’t heard much of than speculation about though is Becky Lynch. You might remember her... main evented WrestleMania 35, was on the cover of a (bad, but not her fault) video game with Reigns, seemed to be getting interest from Hollywood when she announced she was taking a break to have a baby?

As you probably know, Lynch & Seth Rollins’ daughter is Roux is about seven months old now. And as you might not know but could probably guess, mom looks fantastic.

You don’t even to qualify it with “for someone who had a baby in December.” Lynch is just flat out in phenomenal shape.

It certainly looks like The Man is ready to come back around to WWE. Most of the vague reports we’re hearing back that up. The Mat Men Podcast, which is the cool new kid on the rumor block - and jokes aside, Andrew Zarian seems to have some killer inside sources - recently said Lynch will be back “maybe sooner than later”.

Whether you’re as big a Bex fan as I am or not, you should probably want to be hearing some rumors about what the 34 year old Irishwoman will be doing when she returns. Whether she’s transitioning to part-timer status like Lesnar and Cena or rejoining the roster as a regular, a star like The Man is going to change how the women’s division is booked. It would be nice to know that WWE has some plan in place for that, rather than just winging it.

We’ll keep our ear to the sheets. In the meantime, let us know if you think Lynch will be on the SummerSlam card - and if so, what she should be doing - in the comments below.