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Steve Cutler delivers excellent first promo in Impact

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The wrestler formerly known as Steve Cutler in WWE made his debut appearance in Impact via vignette last week. The man was introduced under the new name Maclin to sign his contract. That vignette piqued the curiosity of fans. Maclin kept the momentum rolling with an intense promo tonight on Impact Wrestling.

Maclin: If you could see the things that I’ve seen or have done the things that I’ve done while my back is against the wall, unselfishly making sure that my brothers make it home, waiting for chaos to erupt, waiting for the inevitable... Well, it is do or die. And this? This is just the constant day in and day out of continuous torture. And once again, my back, MY BACK, is against the wall. And it is do or die. And either I’m going to meet Mr. Mayhem or you will.

Damn! That promo sure was intense. As best I can tell, Maclin referenced his military duty mixed with the theme of his Forgotten Sons group in WWE. The Mr. Mayhem code word is likely from Sons of Anarchy. Basically, Maclin is saying it is kill or be killed.

To be honest, I didn’t even remember what Maclin’s voice sounded like, so this jolt of intensity was fantastic. That is two weeks in a row where Maclin has earned my interest. I just hope his wrestling style in Impact backs up the urgency expressed in his promo.

What did you think of Maclin’s first promo in Impact? Are you hopping on the Maclin hype train?