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Undertaker wishes he could get in the ring with this version of Roman Reigns

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First CM Punk made Roman Reigns look strong. Now the Dead Man is putting over the Tribal Chief big time.

Undertaker recently told Sports Illustrated just how captivated he is by heel Roman Reigns:

“I’m so proud of where he is. The night of Survivor Series [in November], I went up to Roman and Jey [Uso] and said, ‘This is the most compelling story that we’ve done in a while.’ And where he’s been able to take it, it’s so good. It’s not forced. Roman is hitting on all cylinders.”

“Obviously, Paul Heyman is the perfect mouthpiece. He’s there whenever it’s needed, and he adds so much. They work so well together.”

“I think he’s a great heel—coldhearted, calculated. There is a compelling backstory and you still feel the tension when Roman appears.”

“I wish I had the gas in the tank to work a program with him now. It would definitely be something special.”

Undertaker is right, of course. Roman’s mafia boss presence on television always comes with a palpable tension that makes him feel special compared to every other wrestler on the roster. There’s nothing quite like it in WWE right now, and the recent return of Jimmy Uso has reinvigorated that story.

How much longer do you expect Roman will remain the Head of the Table on SmackDown?