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The Bella Twins are preparing for their WWE comeback

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When we last saw Brie and Nikki Bella on WWE programming two months ago, they were being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and humiliating Bayley at WrestleMania 37.

One month before that, rumors were abound about the Bellas planning for a WWE comeback, with some uncertainty surrounding the exact timeline.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Brie confirmed that the Bellas are indeed coming back to WWE. Nikki indicated that they are beginning to prepare right now:

Brie: The Bellas are definitely gonna make a comeback. We don’t know exactly when, but we said we have one more run in us, and we’d really love to do it.

Nikki: But we are starting, like I know for me, definitely starting that preparation. I want to train hard for it. When we come back, I want to change my style in the ring a little bit, but I want to make a statement. And so, I realize that I have to start that now.”

Brie and Nikki have previously mentioned that they want their children to see them compete in a WWE ring and win the Women’s tag team titles one day. The tag division is currently in shambles and could certainly use some help, but it doesn’t sound like the Bella Twins’ return is imminent. It will happen at some point down the line, though.

Are you excited to see one more run in WWE for the Hall of Fame Bellas?