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AOP responds to rumors that they are retired from wrestling

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The Authors of Pain were released by WWE last September. Even though both wrestlers had not competed since March 2020, their WWE release was a surprise due to their impressive size and look.

In a recent update on the status of Akam and Rezar, Fightful was told that both wrestlers are now working regular jobs. One wrestling promoter mentioned that when their people tried to contact Authors of Pain, they were told that both wrestlers are retired from the ring.

In response to these rumors about their apparent retirement from pro wrestling, Akam and Rezar each posted the following message on their Instagram:

“Ain’t Done Yet Bitches…. #prowrestling”

Their response is simple and straight to the point. So don’t fret, AOP fans, because it sounds like we haven’t seen the last of Akam and Rezar inside the squared circle.

Which wrestling promotion do you think makes the best fit for AOP whenever they decide to return to the ring?