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Adam Cole returns to NXT, ruins number one contender match

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With Karrion Kross having successfully defeated Finn Balor to both win the NXT men’s championship and in the rematch for it, a triple threat match was set up for this week’s episode of NXT television to determine who would challenge for the title next.

The participants: Kyle O’Reilly, coming out of his feud with Adam Cole and looking to make a run as a singles star; Johnny Gargano, leader of The Way, who just lost the North American championship to Bronson Reed; and Pete Dunne, who has accomplished everything else in NXT and NXT UK and now wants to win the main title.

The match opened NXT this week and predictably, was one hell of a showcase for the three uber-talented wrestlers.

There were near falls and submissions into counter submissions into guys getting tossed out of the ring while the other guy was trying to submit the other guy. Flying knees breaking up pinfall attempts. Double foot stomps. “This is awesome” chants from those live in attendance.

It really was awesome.

Then, Adam Cole showed up and started laying everybody out, including the referee.

William Regal hit the ring with security to escort him out but not before he had laid waste to everyone involved in the match. As a triple threat, however, there were no disqualifications.

Still, the ring was cleared out during a commercial break and they moved on to the next segment without announcing what happened with the match.

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