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NXT talent says reports she was released ‘aren’t accurate’

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Kavita Devi isn’t done working with WWE, but it sounds like her future might not be in the ring.

One of the more surprising names we heard in the last round of NXT releases was Kavita Devi. She hadn’t done much lately, but WWE promoted the Indian woman’s signing as historic after her appearance in the first Mae Young Classic.

According to Devi, she was surprised too. Because the reports weren’t entirely accurate. In her interview with Hindustan Times, she also sheds some light on why she hasn’t done much with WWE recently:

“I’ve read some of those reports, and they aren’t accurate. I have been back at home in India since January. My husband contracted Covid earlier this year and I needed to be here with my family, I chose not to go back to America. Everyone at WWE has been incredibly supportive, I am filled with gratitude for everything they have done for me. I have also had an ACL injury for over a year and have been unable to perform in the ring but WWE still supported me through all of that. They understand that India is where I need to be. We are working together on a new arrangement that allows me to be home, but still part of the WWE Universe.”

If that sounds to you like she might be transitioning out of an in-ring role, you’re on to something:

“India continues to be a very important market for WWE with some of the most passionate fans in the world. I will still be involved as an ambassador for WWE in India. In the future that may mean I am involved in scouting new talent or with WWE Live events, anything is possible.”

Devi missed January’s Superstar Spectacle show, but don’t be surprised to see her involved in efforts targeted specifically at the Indian market like that one in the future.