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Sheamus had a rough night on Raw


The WWE United States champion had a classic heel night planned on the May 31 episode of Raw.

He hyped up the company’s upcoming return the road, explained that he hasn’t defended his belt since WrestleMania because no one’s proven themselves worthy, and then set out to beat both of the men he’s recently deemed unworthy - Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo.

Not at the same time, though. One after another. Because heel.

That backfired (because heel) when Carrillo surprised him during his match with Ricochet, leading to a roll-up win for The One and Only. His match with Humberto also ended in a distraction-prompted loss when he went after Ricochet instead of focusing on his opponent.

Adding injury to insult, Carrillo caught the champ with a stiff shot during their bout, resulting in the blood you see in the above tweet.

WWE’s YouTube

PWInsider confirmed Sheamus suffered a broken nose, and could possibly miss time if the company doesn’t clear him. The site indicates that if the Celtic Warrior has his way, he’ll be back next week.

Tough fella. And a tough night.