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WWE NXT results, live blog (June 1, 2021): #1 contender Triple Threat

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Gargano, O’Reilly, Dunne

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: We’ll find out who Karrion Kross’s next challenger is when Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly & Johnny Gargano compete for a TakeOver: In Your House title show, right at the start of the show! Plus, MSK defends their Tag Team championship against Legado Del Fantasma, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

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Enjoy the show!


It’s Tuesday night. You know what that means? That means it’s time for a triple threat to find a new top contender to face Karrion Kross on June 13th. Here we go!

Johnny Gargano vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne (No. 1 contender’s match)

Pete Dunne is the first to enter, accompanied by a chorus of boos from the NeXTras. Gargano is accompanied to the ramp by his cohort Austin Theory, but The Way go their separate ways and Gargano goes to the ring alone. “Cool” Kyle O’Reilly arrives last, a saunter in his step but a more serious look on his face tonight. He rips off the shirt and steps in to immediately attack Dunne after the ref calls for the bell. Gargano pulls him off and they trade blows. Dunne comes up to him and they trade a few more. Gargano is sent out of the ring and Dunne drills him with a forearm to the face and stretches the left arm to manipulate the digits of the left hand. A very fast start to this match! O’Reilly responds with a cross arm breaker and Gargano tries to break it up with a heel hook. We get dueling submissions and finally a rope break. O’Reilly is sent out to the floor.

Gargano misses on an arm drag and Dunne fish hooks him from behind in the surfboard. O’Reilly interrupts and Dunne takes a tumble outside. O’Reilly grounds Gargano for some elbows and knees. Dunne waits for the right moment to interrupt and goes for DOUBLE finger manipulation on both men, doing a double foot stomp for good measure. Running forearms corner to corner when they get up. Double dragon screw on Dunne and Gargano. O’Reilly goes for the ankle lock. Dunne counters to his own. O’Reilly sends him out to the floor and Gargano wipes him out with a forearm. He leaps back in for One Final Beat but Dunne cuts him off. O’Reilly snaps the leg through the apron and O’Reilly accidentally kicks him in the head when Gargano spins him around for a DDT. Commercial!

We’re back with Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano both being knocked off their feet by “Cool Kyle.” O’Reilly snaps Dunne’s left arm over his shoulder but eats a forearm to the face for his trouble. Two double underhook suplexes and then one to Gargano right onto Dunne for good measure. Near fall! O’Reilly with a sliding baseball kick to Gargano. He goes out to attack Dunne and Dunne cuts him off at the pass. O’Reilly does a running knee off the apron but Gargano knocks both men down with suicide dives. The NeXTras applaud politely behind the plexiglass. It feels like they should be more excited. Gargano with a near fall back in the ring after diving through the ropes. Chops to O’Reilly in the corner. O’Reilly escapes a throw and Dunne hits a leg sweep to both men and a series of kicks. Powerbomb broken up by Gargano. Suplex to Gargano for another near fall.

Dunne goes for a standing kimura but it gets broken up and he is sent out of the ring by a slingshot. O’Reilly hooks the leg and Dunne comes back in to kick him in the head and drop double knees on Gargano’s arm. Gargano blocks a Bitter End with a DDT. He lawn darts Dunne into O’Reilly for a near fall. It still feels like the NeXTras are going through the motions here. We need real fans back. Dunne tries to crawl to his feet and he exchanges punches from his knees with Gargano. They stand up to throw rights but O’Reilly breaks it up with chest kicks to both men. Gargano ducks one but Dunne kicks O’Reilly in the head and stomps on Gargano’s hands. A series of fast and furious spots from all three until O’Reilly hits a double clothesline for the triple down!

O’Reilly goes for a guillotine but Dunne puts a rear naked on him and he lets go of Gargano. O’Reilly is fading but Gargano breaks it up and puts Dunne in the Gargano Escape. Dunne peels the fingers away and snaps at them. Dunne hits the Bitter End but O’Reilly breaks it up with a flying knee from the top rope! O’Reilly staggers to his feet and he and Dunne trade kicks on the apron. Gargano tries to break it up but both of his opponents end up on the floor anyway. Adam Cole runs out and attacks all of them with a steel chair! The ref tries to get right of him and Cole attacks him. Cole gets sandwiched into the plexiglass with said ref for good measure. He gets in the ring and takes out Gargano, wiping his hands. William Regal and two security officials come down to the ring to throw Cole out! He hits O’Reilly with one last cheap shot and then we go to commercial.

This match is apparently a no contest.

William Regal is seething with anger as he backs Adam Cole up one step at a time toward the backstage area. He yells at the officials to take their hands off him. “I’m leaving Regal. I’m leaving!” They escort him out the back door. Meanwhile out match with no conclusion appears to be over as Ember Moon walked past all of them and said she was hijacking the show until Raquel González came out. González’ music plays and William Regal tries and fails to cut her off at the pass. She gets in the ring and starts brawling with Moon, Moon gets the better of her and mouths off as security holds Gonzalez back, but Dakota Kai jumps Moon from behind and destroys her with kicks! Regal runs down to check on Moon as the NeXTras boo. Security and Regal make both González and Kai leave. Regal goes down to ringside to check on Moon again. We go to a video package of Santos Escobar encouraging Legado to take the tag belts.

L.A. Knight vs. Jake Atlas

A chaotic show seems to be booking itself at this point as Knight tells the production people to hit his music, calling them “dummy” in the process. Nice Impact callback there. He vows to prove he’s the worthy heir to Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Man legacy, “and that’s not an insult that’s just a fact of life” yadda yadda before we go to commercial.

Speaking of video packages from earlier today we get Drake Maverick and Killian Dain getting into a fight with Hit Row. The weird thing is that it sounded like someone in production accidentally ran audio of an interview about Indi Hartwell over the video or vice versa. They quickly cut it off but it still bled through.

Back to the ring and Atlas locks up with Knight. Knight celebrates he got out easily and gets rolled up for a near fall. Atlas with a go behind, arm drag, kick and head takeover for a near fall. Atlas snaps the left arm into the mat repeatedly as Knight gets covered for another near fall. He stretches out the left shoulder and attacks with elbows, then isolates the shoulder to hit it with a knee. Chop from Atlas and right back to the arm. Knight fights his way up with a handful of hair and tries a sunset flip but Atlas counters it to a near fall. Knight blocks a suplex but eats some knees. Knight finally drops Atlas across the ropes and snaps his beck to the mat. Ted DiBiase saunters down to the ring to watch the action from the ramp. Knight decks Atlas with a right then says “oh shit” as Atlas nearly caught him while he was posing for DiBiase. Knight drops a fist to the face DiBiase style. He puts Atlas on the ropes to choke him out. Kick to the ribs of Atlas. Is Grimes going to come out and cost Knight the match? That’s the only logical conclusion here. Shoulder tackle from Knight sends us to break.

DiBiase is still watching from the ramp and nodding his approval as Atlas takes a pounding from Knight. Knight keeps pointing to the Million Dollar Man after his moves to emphasize the point. Atlas starts a small comeback and hits a flying crossbody for two. Right hands from Atlas. Knight tosses him over the ropes to the floor right in front of DiBiase. The ref starts a countout. Atlas gets back in at 9 and eats an elbow to the spine. Ground and pound from Knight. He goes up to the second rope as Atlas writhes in pain, but Atlas jumps up to punch him in the gut right as he comes down. Jaw jacker by Atlas. Clothesline by Atlas. Right hands. Kick to the jaw. Cameron Grimes has arrived! He and DiBiase start having a chat about money matters. Back in the ring Atlas hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Atlas goes to the ropes from the outside but Knight cuts him off when he gets to the top. He climbs up but Atlas knocks him down with a forearm. Knight goes up again but he gets shoved off and crotches the ropes. Cartwheel DDT from Atlas ends the match.

The winner of this contest: Jake Atlas

Knight begs DiBiase to come back to no avail. He’s practically sobbing. Backstage Oney Lorcan and Austin Theory get into a pissing match about their men winning the triple threat if it wasn’t for Pete Dunne. Adam Cole marches by Ted DiBiase as he’s being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell and we immediately go to commercial again. This show is a mess!

Poppy returns to NXT next week. Why though? Why not save her for Takeover? Adam Cole is in the ring. “Two years ago to the day I became NXT champion. Whether Regal wants to admit it or not you are looking at the real No. 1 contender. I’ve been gone for two months and I watched as everybody tried to live up to my legacy. Surprise, surprise, everybody failed. I took out three of NXT’s top stars and I did it in one night. You know what that means? That means Adam Cole bay bay wants the NXT championship back. Karrion Kross? People think you’re some kind of monster, but to me you’re a big overrated musclehead who doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as me. You think it’s a mistake that I held the title for 403 days? You think that happened by accident?”

Karrion Kross and Scarlett march down to the ring to interrupt. Kross: “Little man! Your motives tonight getting involved with the triple threat? Understandable. You want to be the NXT champion again. Well it’s not yours first of all, and second of all let me explain something to you. No matter what you ever do it’s never going to change things in the grand scheme. You know why? Because when I signed here at NXT on the dotted line, you no longer became special, and you know that. We can talk about it out here, we don’t have to go back there. But hey hey hey humor me, tell me a story, entertain me Mr. Cole.”

Cole: “I would be happy to Mr. Overrated! The truth is you ain’t Adam Cole bay bay and you never will be. This brand has done everything in their power to make YOU feel special. You got the cool music, you got the lights, you got the fog machine, you got the girl. You know what they do to make Adam Cole feel special? They ring the freaking bell. On your best day you couldn’t lace my boots. You can’t hang with me, you’re not on my level, and anybody who watches pro wrestling knows that. You are not special, I’m special. You are just the guy who has my property.”

William Regal: “Adam I can see what you’re doing and it’s not going to work.” Kross: “Hey Regal, SHUT UP. I don’t care what you think, I certainly don’t care what you think, it’s about what I want to do. And what I want at Takeover is EVERYBODY in the match. Give me Kyle O’Reilly, give me Johnny Gargano, gimme Pete Dunne and give me this gas station weasel Adam Cole. I promise you no matter what kind of politicking you can do between then and today you’re not getting out of this ass kicking.” Cole mouths off, blows him a kiss, leaves, tears about the announce table and stands on it. “I run this show Kross. I am NXT! I run this show. Always have, always will.” He throws a bottled water from the announce table at him and it splashes Kross and Scarlett. “See you soon punk!” Cole leaves through the barricade.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Candice LeRae and a moping Indi Hartwell, who has headphones on and is apparently listening to sad music. LeRae rips it off her head and mocks her for listening to 80’s power ballads. We go to commercial. Then we go to the announce desk. Then we go to a video package for the “open challenger” Carmelo Hayes who will face KUSHIDA... next!

We get a promo from the leader of Xia Li saying she wants revenge on Mercedes Martinez for embarrassing her years ago. Then we get Dexter Lumis putting on the headphones Hartwell was listening to, 80’s power ballads still playing, a tear in his eye as he walks away. Time for a match!

KUSHIDA (champion) vs. Carmelo Hayes (cruiserweight title match)

KUSHIDA is already in the ring as Hayes makes his entrance. Usually it’s the other way around in these situations. KUSHIDA holds the belt up in his face. The referee displays the title for us but we don’t get the “big match intro” — just the bell. Hayes struts and acts cocky but KUSHIDA goes for a test of strength and overpowers him. Hayes tries to go up and over for a near fall and only gets 1. He puts KUSHIDA in a side headlock and pulls him back up. KUSHIDA shoots him off, leapfrogs, rolls under, but eats a kick to the gut and a couple of arm drags. Dropkick from Hayes and KUSHIDA sells. Punch to the gut and a chop from the champ. Another chop in the corner. Hayes goes for a whip and KUSHIDA gets a boot up as he charges. Hayes puts KUSHIDA on the mat for another near fall. KUSHIDA with a headlock that drags Hayes to the mat. Hayes gets up and KUSHIDA drops him and signals for a big strikes. Hayes ducks twice and kicks him in the back of the head. Leg drop off the rope and he drags KUSHIDA to the center for a two count. Commercial!

The announcers tell us “Hayes has been in control” for the majority of the match. That immediately leads to KUSHIDA knocking him off the apron with a handspring and a running knee to the shoulder while he’s on the floor. Back in the ring Hayes knocks KUSHIDA down again with “a springboard move” according to commentary for a near fall. William Regal has just announced Cameron Grimes vs. L.A. Knight for Takeover on June 13th. Hayes and KUSHIDA are trading stiff strikes in the middle of the ring. Palm strikes levels Hayes, but Hayes with a tilt-a-whirl bulldog for two. Hayes gets up, KUSHIDA staggers back to his feet. KUSHIDA with a palm strike, a running kick misses, Hoverboard Lock is blocked, right hand to the temple, running kick to Hayes. Hoverboard Lock is on and Hayes taps out!

Your winner by submission and still cruiserweight champion: KUSHIDA

MSK vow they’ll retain their tag team titles before we go to commercial break.

Franky Monet is “reading the reviews” for her “worl debut” last week. She only reads the positive ones though. She winks at the camera and we go back to the ring.

Zoey Stark and Zayda Ramier vs. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell (non-title)

Wade Barrett is showing us his lack of knowledge about Boy Meets World on commentary for some reason, blaming it on being a 40 year old man. I’m glad I haven’t forgotten Danielle Fishel as quickly as he did, and incidentally she’s the same age he is. Meanwhile back in the ring LeRae is having her way with Ramier for multiple near falls. Ramier is in a headlock and struggling to get back up. She counters LeRae into a roll up and is knocked down with an angry forearm in response. Hartwell is tagged in and misses with an elbow before getting kicked in the head. She tags LeRae back in, who cuts off Ramier before she can tag Stark, then knocks Stark off the apron for good measure. Ramier fires up and tags Stark in who conveniently got back to the apron just in time. Stark kicks LeRae in the head for a near fall. Ramier tags in and Hartwell breaks up the next near fall. LeRae tags Hartwell back in after curb stomping Ramier. Hartwell shoots the half to clean it up and make the pin.

The winners of this non-title tag team match: Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell

Mercedes Martinez says she’s more badass than she was in the Mae Young Classic, just like Xia Li. “Listen real good chiquita, I beat you at the Mae Young Classic, but at Takeover I run through you.” Sounds like another match is official. Commentary reminds us Grimes vs. Knight is official as well as the fatal 5-way for the NXT championship. Commercial!

Another Diamond Mine promo. “Opening soon.” Ember Moon is with McKenzie Mitchell. “Am I supposed to be happy? Jumping for joy? I’m livid. Raquel González is supposed to be the most dominant champion in our history, but Dakota Kai constantly interferes for her. I’m going to get a little revenge on her lackey next week, and at Takeover I’m going to take what matters to her most and become a two time champion. Hell hath no fury like Ember’s Law.”

MSK (champions) vs. Legado del Fantasma (NXT tag team title match)

The challengers enter first along with their leader Santos Escobar, followed by our champions who are running and jumping all around the ring, full of babyface fire and vigor for their defense. The lights go down and we get the big match intro. The bell rings and we’ve got Wes Lee in the ring with Joaquin Wilde, all while Escobar looks on from the commentary table. Lee is having his way with Wilde early. Nash Carter tags himself but gets thrown to the heel corner for a two on one stomping. Raul Mendoza gives him a boot to the ear and tags Wilde back in. Double shoulders and Wilde is picked up and dropped across Carter for a near fall. Wes Lee gets a hot tag and they both attack Wilde with kicks. Mendoza breaks up the near fall and it’s a cluster with all four men in the ring, and all four men down on their backs. Grizzled Young Veterans come out to watch, but get jumped by Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher and taken to the back. MSK wipe out Legado with dives to the outside, hug, and send us to commercial.

Mendoza is in control of Lee when we return. He’s stomping a mudhole in him to boot. Lee tries in vain to get to Nash Carter but gets double teamed when Wilde comes back in for another near fall. Closed fist strikes from Wilde draw a warning from the referee. He grabs a handful of hair then goes to stretch out his opponent. Lee fights back to his feet with body shots and forearms. He’s taken right back down with a spinning clothesline for a near fall as we go past the top of the hour. Moonsault for a near fall. Mendoza tags back in. The announcers again sell us on how chaotic the show has been. It’s like “crash TV” in the worst sense of the term. It feels like somebody is desperate to get people talking about the show at the water cooler. Why? You had a perfectly good show last week. Do more of that!

Carter gets the hot tag and runs wild (pun intended) but Lee tags back in to cover Wilde for two. Jaw jacker knocks Lee down. He ducks as Wilde charges and he hits the post. Mendoza made a blind tag and he turns Lee inside out in the middle of the ring but Lee kicks out at the last possible second. Mendoza and Wilde double team Lee in the heel corner and Carter is nowhere in sight. They set him on the top rope for a head scissor into a power bomb. Lee kicks out again! Mendoza lays in punches and yells at Lee. Lee is kicked out of the ring right in front of Escobar, who throws him into the steel steps before throwing him back into the ring. Double team pinfall is broken up by Carter at the last second, and Bronson Reed splashes Escobar into the plexiglass just for good measure. Drop kick knocks down Mendoza. Wilde is lifted up and Lee jumps in the air to snap him to the mat for the pin.

The winners and still NXT tag team champions: MSK.

Good night!