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It sounds like Hulk Hogan thinks he’s one of the best workers ever

In an interview with Spencer Love, NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis was discussing his thoughts on terms in pro wrestling like “overrated” and “underrated.”

While doing so, he recounted a story involving Hulk Hogan, who told him how to identify the best worker:

“I was doing an appearance with Hulk in Tampa. And someone, I forget what it was, but it was one of those things where it was somebody who was kind of pseudo-involved with like, the radio, or TV, or something. Someone who was kind of overstepping their bounds a little bit as far like, using insider lingo and stuff like that. And he was just being a bit obnoxious...

...This one guy went like, ‘Man, you know, your work is really getting better. You know, you’re becoming a really good worker.’ I was kind of like, ‘Oh, thanks.’

And he walked away, and I turned to Hulk and sort of smiled. I said, ‘You hear that?’

He goes, ‘Brother, the guy who makes the most money is the best worker.’”

Hulk Hogan has drawn and made more money than just about any other star in wrestling history. And according to Aldis, Hogan thinks that the person who makes the most money is the best worker. So I’m simply putting two plus two together to surmise that Hulk Hogan probably thinks that he is one of the best workers ever in pro wrestling.

But Hogan’s theory might actually go a little deeper than the words he shared with Aldis. It looks like a few alcoholic beverages also played an integral part in increasing his work rate:

Do you think Hulk Hogan’s method for identifying the best worker is correct?

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